Tennessee Wedding Photo Locations

Wedding photos should match personalities. The choice of a venue to get wedding pictures made at needs to reflect what a couple loves about the world. If you are getting married in Nashville, Tennessee, or Knoxville, Tennessee, then consider these choices.

Nashville Tennessee

The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens are a favorite of many couples. The herb, wildflower and Japanese gardens are beautiful almost all year. Another favorite is the Belle Meade Plantation with its winery and beautifully landscaped lawn. Couples may also want to consider historic Cedarview with its old buildings and vehicles.

Knoxville, Tennessee

The University of Tennessee has many fun locations on their campus that are perfect for a wedding photoshoot. Old City in downtown Knoxville has amazing architecture making it a fun place to have your wedding photos taken. Couples looking for a natural setting may want to consider Mead’s Quarry.

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