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Research is a primary resource towards creating solutions in diverse fields. Research reveals information that is tested and is credible to be used as viable solutions in different industries. Research in medicine facilitates continuous research and development of different medicines. Research has a role in the society. It enables holistic development. The society needs a viable solution to various challenges because they will yield results. Fields such as Oncology are heavily rooted in research because cancer is a development ailment. Some of the medicines that are approved are developed from research. Further research will develop more medicines in line with the cure of cancer.

Oncotarget is a platform for the young researcher. It enables them to review and create better solutions. This enables the collaboration of the different skills of the young researchers that allow them to develop better solutions. It accepts papers in the different field of medicine including pharmacy, cardiology, metabolism, oncology, and neuroscience. These topics are combined to facilitate the development of the various solutions in medicine. Medicine is a wide field. It requires vigorous and continuous assessment in order to develop various solutions. Oncology requires the combination of the various field. The website is for different topics. This makes the research easy because one branch can be used as a resource for the branch. This is because they are intertwined. This enables the research in medicine to be much easier on the website.

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The website is easy to navigate for various individuals so that different people from the various field can access information to build on their research. This continuous research facilitates the development of various research topics that unfolds deeper information of the different topics. It also facilitates the researcher to become keen and develop viable solutions for the purpose of improving the society. Organizations should use research to develop the solutions that they intend to implement. This enables their solutions to be embraced in the market. Peers of the same field should develop resources that can be used for further development in their field to create better solutions. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

The Treatment of Lung Illnesses at Lung Institute.

82 percent of the more than 2,000 patients treated at Lung Institute have reported an improved quality of life. Lung Institute was established in the year 2013 in Tampa. It has grown steadily and currently has clinics in Scottsdale, Arizona, Texas, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. According to PR Web, in America, Lung Institute is at the lead in the provision of regenerative cellular therapy for diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and interstitial lung disease.

Lung Institute appreciates the diversity of patients and acknowledges that the patients have different stories, career, and hobbies. The uniqueness of the patients allows them to deserve different treatment. The treatment result is achieved by the focus on medical history as well as the condition at hand. Lung Institute has an advantage of working with physicians who are known globally and have over ten years of experience in stem cell therapy, as well as a great concern for the patients.

For a period, Joseph suffered from pulmonary fibrosis. He couldn’t even have a conversation while standing. He walked into the Lung Institute in March 2015 to get a stem cell therapy for pulmonary fibrosis. The stem cell therapy was of importance to Joseph since it helped to restore his quality life.

A stem cell is essential to each and every organism since they are building blocks of life. They renew themselves and also replicate so as to have the potential to make tissues in the body. The stem cells of one organ can be used to form a tissue utilized in another organ. The procedure can only happen in adults. At Lung Institute (, the treatment is only used in the treatment of pulmonary conditions. Cells from the patient’s organs are used.

Before receiving the treatment, the stem gets extracted through the bone marrow treatment or the blood treatment. The stem cell gets separated from other cells, and later the concentrated cell returned into the bloodstream of the patient. The stem cells have their focus on the lungs. On receiving the medication, the stem cell moves to the right side of the heart and in about two heartbeats is distributed in the lungs.