Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Giving Amazon Some Real Competition

Amazon has been comfortably rolling along as the king of the online apparel industry, commanding a staggering 20 percent share of sales in a space that is extremely competitive. The king may be dethroned by the queen if Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is able to continue dominating in such a short span. Looking at the numbers, Fabletics has sold over $250 million in high-quality women’s active-wear with no signs of slowing down. Amazon might want to take a closer look at why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is so popular in such a short amount of time.


Hudson shared her opinion as to why her company has become so popular, and she easily credits it to her membership program and the process of reverse showrooming. To see the company working in real-time, we begin the journey at the retail Fabletics store at the mall. Women are able to walk into the store and actually get their hands on the merchandise. They try on all the workout apparel, grab their free membership, take a Lifestyle Quiz, and look through all the racks of latest releases.


Hudson says her athleisure brand is high-quality and modern, and women are lining up to grab as much as they can. Those who do not buy at the retail store, head to the Fabletics website to take advantage of a number of member benefits. First, women get free shipping on all their online orders. next, they get discounted pricing on all their online purchases. Lastly, everything they tried on while in the local store appears in their online account for further consideration. If the item fit perfectly in the store, they can buy more of the same in different colors or styles, knowing when it arrives it will be exactly like the one they tried on while at the store.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing something Amazon can not. At Amazon, members are paying $80 for the privilege of getting 2-day shipping, but the items they order often get sent back time and time again because the do not fit correctly. At Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, these women know exactly what they order will fit perfectly the first time, and this is something that is fueling the fire of this raging inferno in the online and retail apparel niche. Amazon may be seeing Kate Hudson’s Fabletics close the gap and eventually pass them in the very near future at this rate.

Details Regarding Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Progress on Amazon

Amazon has taken charge of over 20 percent of the contemporary e-commerce fashion. For this reason, it has become difficult for some ventures to thrive. Fabletics is doing the same business and has registered tremendous growth in the last three years. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics employs the use of a subscription mechanic through which they reach their customers. Showrooming has also propelled their growth significantly. Fabletics is a simple venture, but they know how best to meet their client’s preferences. They understand that most people like brands that are a little bit pushy and aspiring.  In the past, people used to consider the valuable brands as those that were highly priced. Thankfully, the change of economics has taken a shift, leading to increased competition and guaranteed quality.


Factors Motivating Fabletic’s Success


They employ appropriate strategies and proper positioning. Usually, they work with a membership plan for their customers. The approach seems to perform quite well, and they intend to open several other physical stalls. Currently, their physical booths are sixteen and are distributed in Hawaii, Illinois, California, and Florida. At Fabletics, it is every day at a time. They believe in the power of creating highly-valued trademarks. As well, they major in providing individualized services, as that is what enhances client satisfaction. According to their General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, they find it easier to serve clients whom they know personally.


Selected Client Review on Fabletics’ Products


A non-funded client reviews Fabletics and appreciates their apparels. They explain on the monthly membership structure that Fabletics offers their customers. You are allowed to register as a VIP, and in this case, your first gear should cost $25 only. It does not end there, considering that you will stand to earn several other benefits through discounts. According to the customer, there are all the reasons to make Fabletics your shopping stall. Their gears are of high quality, trendy, and of substantial value. You will realize the value of every penny you spend at Fabletics. Their website is also easy to navigate through, making it convenient for all users.




“Showrooming “is the primary strategy leading to the success of Fabletics.  There are all the types of garments you need but is recommended that you consider taking a Lifestyle Quiz. It helps you identify the appropriate clothes for you.