Omar Yunes Exposes Mexico to International Franchise Brands

Omar Yunes, the franchisee of thirteen Sushi Itto food chains, is more than just a household name in the Mexican economy; he is a legend. Mr. Omar Yunes proved that truly the Mexican economy is ready for international franchise brand by bagging the overall best franchisee of the year award 2015 in Florence, Italy. This award, however, did not come easily, Omar worked hard for it.

The World’s best franchisee is a well-experienced executive when it comes to matters franchising. At the tender age of 21, Omar opened up his first ever Sushi Itto food chain in Mexico. Since then to date, Omar has been able to acquire more food chains totaling to 13 stores, approximately ten percent of the brand’s ownership. The thirteen Sushi Itto stores are spread out in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City.

Annually, the World’s Best Franchisee Awards is held to celebrate the efforts of franchisee in developing their mother brand. By winning the award, Omar did more than bringing joy to his country. When acknowledging Omar’s award Benjamin Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO noted that Omar had manifested that he is determined in offering the brand’s customer’s impeccable services, flavor, and hospitality. The event’s organizers evaluated the different contenders for the awards based on how well they were able to manage information, franchisee unit’s performance independent of the main brand, and how well they have implemented their system controls. Omar Yunes was able to emerge the overall best and number one position out of nine other competitors.

Mexico was also able to produce the number two position that went to Ivan Tamer of Prendamex. Ivan Tamer was recognized for his efforts in marketing in his network of shops. After coming in the second position, Ivan appreciated Omar and acknowledged his win to the strong franchisee- franchise relation Mr. Omar has been able to establish over the many years.

About Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is an established business executive with over 15 years of experience in the franchising industry. Mr. Omar is also a major employer in the Mexican economy employing over 400 individuals in his 13 food chain stores. In addition to the franchising business, Omar is the chairperson of the Boards of Ideas, an initiative that helps young investors nurture their business ideas.

Honey Birdette: Tearing Down The Barrier

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique. They have gained popularity in the US and Europe in the past few years, in turn taking the fashion world by storm. When you think Australia, you probably think kangaroos and koala bears, not high end lingerie. Honey Birdette is no doubt apt to change that.
After experiencing a spike of 374% in US online sales, the company decided to launch its US e-commerce site. The site is said to speed up the delivery process, with free delivery on orders over $50 and make returns easier. It will also offer a wider product range to the US customers than before making it a much better experience all around.
The company was founded in 2006 By Eloise Monoghan in Brisbane. The first store out of Australia was opened last year in London, followed by two more openings shortly there after. The brand is growing rapidly, and the company has revealed plans to make the UK store count jump from three to forty by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia and has ambitions to reach other well known locations in Europe.
The prices of this start ups lower end may shock you, but they are well worth it. The design alone is enough to make customers flock to their stores to buy up every product within reach.
Honey Birdette is taking the fashion world by storm, and may very well be the next Victoria’s Secret. Even that wouldn’t be the end of their potential. There is no doubt that Honey Birdette is reaching for the start, and will more than likely reach them. Everyone is already going crazy for their products, and they show no signs of slowing down in the market.
Hopefully the US will see some of their stores popping up in the near future, but, in the meanwhile the e-commerce site will suffice.

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These Innovations Will Help Decrease Traffic In Texas

Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) are dedicated to improving the transportation infrastructure of Central Texas. Heiligenstein became the Executive Director of the agency the same year it became operational. Since then, it has grown into a nationally recognized leader in toll road operations.

Its work in Austin a couple of years ago proves its effectiveness. At the time the area was experiencing a rise in population and traffic congestion was steadily worsening. It was pretty apparent to the CTRMA that a tech solution was what the community needed. The agency makes an effort to blend technology solutions into their projects. the CTRMA is dedicated to building mobility solutions whether it’s a road or not.

It constructed the 183A toll road that helped to accommodate the influx of traffic due to population growth. The road spanned communities in both Cedar Park and Leander. It also built the the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor which impacted mobility greatly.

Preparations for the building of “smart roads” is well underway. The mobility authority is all about innovation. It’s no doubt that we’re only a few breakthroughs away from designing infrastructure that’ll be able to “communicate” with vehicles. The CTRMA already embeds fiber lines busy highways.

The CTRMA has collaborated with Metropia, an advanced platform allows travelers to discover and engage mobility options that optimize their travel and enhance their city’s sustainability, as well. The partnership has given birth to a mobile traffic app.

The app, working in unison with its traffic monitoring system, provides real-time alternative routes for commuters. On top of that, it also works with Carma, a respected carpooling app, that lowers the amount of commuters on the road. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The CTRMA has done much to to address the traffic woes in Central Texas, however, there’s still more work to be done. Of course, it knows it can’t cut out traffic congestion completely, but it has no problem continuing to try. Traffic is the concern of the agency, and it is more than happy to help residents beat the traffic jamz.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein received his Masters of Government and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas. He is also a nationally recognized public speaker who’s been called to speak to groups about things such as transportation infrastructure.

Heiligenstein was a public official for 30 years. Throughout those years he has gained a reputation as someone with a strong commitment for using regional approaches to problem solving.

Manaira Shopping Mall: The Mall That the Brazilian Tycoon Roberto Santiago Built

Brazil’s retail industry continues to post impressive achievements despite the lingering global financial crisis. Shopping malls like the Manaira Complex are still minting profits by the double digit percentage figures. According to a post shared on the, the Manaira shopping mall recorded an annual turnover of well over $150B. That was a growth rise of 6.5% in the 2015 financial year alone. Quite impressive, the gains by the mall which got founded by Roberto Santiago in the year 1989.

Thriving Business Climate in Brazil

These statistics got released by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers abbreviated as Abrase working in close collaboration with the Urban Studies Group (GEU). The research noted that the demand was as a result of retail shops within the malls offering their clients the highest quality products at the most friendly rates and prices. Additionally, customers love to flock to the Manaira mall to enjoy the five-star, fantastic customer care services available within the premises.

The Manaira shopping mall is the largest and the best-stocked mall not just in the Paraiba region but in the larger nation as well. Space is a perfect one stop shop where you as a consumer can get all your shopping and entertainment done all under one roof. The mall is occupied by leading retailers and wholesalers of all commodities one would ever require in and out of the house. Fashion stalls from designers from all over the globe call this space their home in Brazil.

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3-D Movies and Gaming Experiences

For the young ones and for the young at heart, there’s the awe-inspiring arcade center. This premises come packing all sorts of virtual games the kids love to play nowadays. The visionary industrialist, Roberto Santiago made this mall to be the cinema and movie central of not just the residents of the area but for everyone who loves 3D experiences in movies. The mall has close to ten different areas where the latest blockbusters get shown.

Additionally, this particular mall towers tall above all its peers as it has a one-of-a-kind indoor performance studio and arena dubbed the Domus Hall. This vast hall has an inbuilt capacity of holding up to 10K revelers when jam-packed. The Manager of Manaira mall, Rafaela Barros was quoted saying that the increased spending abilities would only bring better tidings for their businesses, moving forward. Read more articles at

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto is one of those rare entrepreneurs who have a perfect ten-out-of-ten self-made score. Having spent his entire youth in Paraiba, Roberto needed no introduction to the dynamics associated with the retail sector in his backyard. In the late fifties, Mr. Santiago was a student at the prestigious Pio X-Marist College where he studied business. Later, he would proceed to further education at the local University at Joao Pessoa. In the mid-eighties, the Brazilian tycoon got attracted to the retail sector and he purchased land and begun the construction of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shoppng Mall. By 1989, the project was already in its final stages and, it opened later that year.

Jim Tananbaum’s Success In The Healthcare Industry

By virtue of being an entrepreneur and investment strategist, Jim Tananbaum has vast experience in the competitive healthcare industry. Over the years, he has enhanced the growth and profitability margins of Foresite Capital. The entrepreneur started the company after noting the success factors that were needed by companies in the healthcare sector to achieve their set goals.

Foresite Capital invests in healthcare companies, especially in diagnostics, genomic sequencing, medical services, and biopharmaceuticals.

In total, the corporation has invested in 77 different companies. Some of the notable companies that have benefited from the company’s services are Aerie Pharmaceuticals, 10x Genomics, Intarcia Therapeutics, and Aimmune Therapeutics.

During his interview with Ideamensch, the entrepreneur talked about what his typical day looks like. Jim posited that he spends most of his time on calls and meetings. The calls focus on the company’s portfolios and new business presentations. He also networks with various leaders in the healthcare industry. In addition, Jim spends his day with his family and friends. He also works out between meetings.

Although capital is important during the process of bringing an idea to life, Jim Tananbaum notes that engaging the smartest, effective, and most persistent leaders in the industry enhances the success of such ideas. He adds that Foresite’s duty is to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with the resources needed to make critical scientific discoveries that can transform the healthcare industry.

Tananbaum loves how entrepreneurs are using science to solve various concerns in the healthcare industry. He adds that new branches like genomic sequencing have greatly improved and soon, scientists would be able to treat and prevent diseases by sequencing one’s tissues, blood, or saliva. Tim cannot wait to see how the field evolves in the coming years!

Jim Tanabaum has been using his experience in the healthcare industry to develop innovative solutions. He founded Foresite in 2011. The company provides funding to emerging healthcare leaders and helps them to grow to their full potential. In addition, the company offers start-ups with the ideal networks and information needed to augment their success. Jim has also founded other companies, including Prospect Venture Partners. He is an alumnus of prestigious universities, including Yale, MIT, and Harvard. Check out his

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Sam Tabar’s Successful Career In Law And Capital Strategy

Sam Tabar has had a successful career in the legal field and corporate world. The graduate of the Columbia Law School has worked for major law firms, including Skadden Meagher & Flom LLP, and Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. In addition, Sam has worked for Merrill Lynch, PMA, and Adenval LLC. Sam is an alumnus of the prestigious Oxford University where he pursued his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

The executive leader entered the job market in 2001. He started his career in law by working for Skadden as an associate. Sam Tabar played a crucial role in providing clients with innovative services, including formation and structure of hedge funds. After leaving Skadden, Meagher & Flom LLP, Sam joined the corporate world by working for PMA. Here, he managed a hedge fund of $ 2 billion.

Later, he worked for the Bank of America- Merrill Lynch as a capital strategist for Asia Pacific region. This position provided him with the opportunity to learn more about the financial industry. The financial expert quit the company in 2011 after rising to be the managing director and head of business development.

Sam has a vast skill set that includes transformative leadership, innovative strategy, due diligence, research and legal compliance. Later, he was recruited by Shulte Roth & Zabel LLP to serve as a senior associate.

In his vast career, Sam interacted with many business leaders and enhanced the success of different corporations. Sam is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School. While pursuing his studies at his alma mater, he served as an associate editor for a widely read journal, Columbia Business Law. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Over the years, many companies have been enlisting Sam Tabar’s exemplary services. Notably, the visionary executive has been working for Full Cycle Company and Awearables as a chief financial officer and chief operating officer respectively.

Sam Tabar has been developing innovative marketing plans for Full Cycle Energy Company. In addition, he has been analyzing different investment decisions for the corporation. Sam has extensive experience in matters of tax, law, accounts, administration and compliance.

He has benefited all the companies that he has worked for by providing them with legal services. Tabar loves interacting with the public through his social media pages. Frequently, Tabar posts rational information about investment, finance and his insights on different topics on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

George Soros Explores Philanthropy And Politics

The philanthropic activities of George Soros have played a key role in the life of the hedge fund manager since 1979 when he made his first steps into helping the people of the world live better and more constructive lives. In many ways the philanthropic work of George Soros has overtaken the important financial work he completes alongside the newly appointed Chief Investment Officer of Soros Fund Management, Dawn FitzPatrick; the decision to appoint a female investment specialist to one of the most important positions in the financial industry shows just how important it is for George Soros to promote diversity and the rights of female workers to reach the highest positions available in many different industries. Politico reports the chance to assist the rights of women have gone so far in the life of George Soros that he has been a major supporter of the campaign of former First lady Hillary Clinton to become the first female U.S. President. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros has become a major supporter of the basic human rights of people across the world as the founder of the Open Society Foundations organization that is leading the fight to make sure each and every person achieves as much as possible within a global community that reflects the right to democracy and free speech. Forbes reports George Soros has built a personal fortune of more than $25 billion as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world, a level of success Soros himself has described in his many books as giving him the chance to help the people of the world who are stranded in closed societies. The establishment of the Open Society Foundations network of charitable groups was completed in 1984, a full five years after George Soros made his first charitable impact providing support and equipment for eastern European groups looking to provide information on living a democratic life for those trapped behind the “Iron Curtain” of Soviet rule.

In 2008, George Soros made the decision to back the Presidential election campaign of Barrack Obama instead of continuing a political relationship with Hillary Clinton that began over 25 years earlier. Despite the success of winning the 2008 and 2012 elections with President Obama and the democratic Party, George Soros took a step back from politics after beginning to feel the Obama Administration had not sought as radical a left leaning agenda as had been promised; in 2016, the rising level of right wing rhetoric and issues being raised in the U.S. election cycle prompted the Open Society Foundations founder to provide around $25 million in funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. Since the election victory of President Donald Trump, George Soros has remained a vocal critic of the policies coming out of The White House and pledged to continue to support the Democrat’s in a bid to return them to power in Washington as early as 2018. Read more about George’s life story at

How MB2 Dental Solutions Have Revolutionized the Dental Industry

Connecting with the right dental practitioner isn’t as straightforward as it first appears. One might think that by using the Internet, they’ll find all the right answers they seek. The problem with over reliance on the Internet to scout out professionals is that a majority of the websites are full of lies and deceptions.

The best way to go about it would be by liaising up with an established organization which brings together licensed dentists like Dr. Akhil Reddy under one umbrella. MB2 Dental is a perfect example of such an establishment. Here’s how they work and most importantly, why it makes perfect sense for you to find out how you can get started.

Anonymity Maintained

According to Crunchbase, MB2 Dental Solutions understands the difficulties dentists often endure starting their careers. The latest cutting-edge equipment required to satisfy the international dental practice standards don’t come cheap.

What MB2 does is to help the newly-graduated dental expert to set up shop. The firm makes it possible for the dentists to get set up a proper clinic to practice.

MB2 doesn’t interfere in the confidential relationship existing between the physician and his patient, at any given time. Some of the experienced dentists affiliated with this organization you expect to get paired up with include Dr. Akil Reddy.

MB2’s unprecedented success can be directly attributed to the excellent top-tier administration running the company. The leaders at MB2 Dental all happen to have extensive backgrounds in the dental industry and as such, they are best positioned to anticipate the problems dentists might run into while dispensing their vital services.

Most importantly, however, is that these teams know of the optimal solutions needed to improve the quality of health care the patients ends up receiving.


Working with the organization is a huge plus for the prospects of the members. The dentists stand to benefit immensely from the increased exposure to the large pool of consumers who have come to rely on MB2 Dental Solutions for everything dental.

On the flipside, the person’s searching for a certified and a reliable dental service provider also wins when they receive superior quality dental services at market competitive rates.

About MB2

Learning all about the recent developments in the dental industry has been made remarkably easy by MB2 Solutions. The company’s primary objective is to provide the dentists with all the resources required to practice in any city. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy:

Dentists who have every tool and equipment at their disposal have more time to focus on giving their patients the very best care and treatment. Today, the front has expanded to six states and it has a total of 70 registered affiliates.

Jason Hope Philanthropy

Author Jesse Boskoff published an article on Engadget that outlined the views of Jason Hope, a futurist and entrepreneur. In his article, Boskoff explains Hope’s stance on the so-called Internet of Things, a term used for the collection of consumer and commercial devices that have Internet connectivity. Hope outlines his belief that the Internet of Things is a net positive for humanity, leading to a safer, more efficient society. He also argues both in the article and his own writing that the Internet of Things will be a driving force in business.

While the business aspects of the Internet of Things are relevant to Hope’s career as an entrepreneur and a consultant, the beneficial aspects of technology are also of significant concern to him. Hope is a leader among his peers in his philanthropy and push for technology that benefits society at large. His support for organizations includes a generous $500,000 pledge to the SENS Foundation, an organization that researches age-related illness.

Jason Hope also offers support to smaller groups and individuals. He offers grant funding to those who submit innovative ideas that can move society forward. Through grants and philanthropy Hope extends his reach past his own impressive business acumen and industry focus to other areas. He advocates for change that benefits us all, and because of that he stands out in both his field and society as a whole.

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The Treatment of Lung Illnesses at Lung Institute.

82 percent of the more than 2,000 patients treated at Lung Institute have reported an improved quality of life. Lung Institute was established in the year 2013 in Tampa. It has grown steadily and currently has clinics in Scottsdale, Arizona, Texas, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. According to PR Web, in America, Lung Institute is at the lead in the provision of regenerative cellular therapy for diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and interstitial lung disease.

Lung Institute appreciates the diversity of patients and acknowledges that the patients have different stories, career, and hobbies. The uniqueness of the patients allows them to deserve different treatment. The treatment result is achieved by the focus on medical history as well as the condition at hand. Lung Institute has an advantage of working with physicians who are known globally and have over ten years of experience in stem cell therapy, as well as a great concern for the patients.

For a period, Joseph suffered from pulmonary fibrosis. He couldn’t even have a conversation while standing. He walked into the Lung Institute in March 2015 to get a stem cell therapy for pulmonary fibrosis. The stem cell therapy was of importance to Joseph since it helped to restore his quality life.

A stem cell is essential to each and every organism since they are building blocks of life. They renew themselves and also replicate so as to have the potential to make tissues in the body. The stem cells of one organ can be used to form a tissue utilized in another organ. The procedure can only happen in adults. At Lung Institute (, the treatment is only used in the treatment of pulmonary conditions. Cells from the patient’s organs are used.

Before receiving the treatment, the stem gets extracted through the bone marrow treatment or the blood treatment. The stem cell gets separated from other cells, and later the concentrated cell returned into the bloodstream of the patient. The stem cells have their focus on the lungs. On receiving the medication, the stem cell moves to the right side of the heart and in about two heartbeats is distributed in the lungs.