Norman Pattiz Announces The Launch Of The New Show, Beyond The Darkness To Be Aired Under The Chris Jericho Network


Podcast One is a top national advertiser supported podcast platform under the ownership of Norman Pattiz. PodcastOne currently features more than 200 popular podcasts such as Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Terry Dubrow and Heather, Barstool Sorts, Dan Patrick, Neil Straus and Dr. Drew. Other podcasts include Penn Jillette, Gabrielle Reece, Eddie Trunk, Rich Eisen, Ross Mathews, Jay Mohr, Chris Jericho, Malcolm McDowell, TheCHIVE, Laura Ingraham, the Forbes, Chris Webber and many others. Norman Pattiz, also the founder of Westwood One Radio, announced the launch of a new podcast show, Beyond the Darkness, in December 2016.


The show will be one of the podcasts shows under the Chris Jericho podcast platform. Beyond The Darkness will feature forward thinking and entertaining conversations from world famous researchers and witnesses. They will discuss everything from mysteries, ghosts, miracles, ghouls, aliens, to demons, monster encounters, and angels. The host of the show will be Dave Schrader, who will lead the participators for the Monday scheduled show. Tim Dennis is the designated producer of the show, which will have an airing forum on the website PodcastOne. Com and the mobile application and iTunes, Podcast.


Norman Pattiz commented that Chris Jericho is a distinguished star of the PodCastOne network. He stated that Chris surpassed their expectation of hosting just wrestlers and has also invited comedians to entertain his podcast’s fan base. Chris Jericho said that he is enthusiastic and anxious to host the new show, Beyond The Darkness. He added to say that bringing Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will build the new show’s listeners rapidly. The two radio personalities have a long history in hosting spooky shows and are expected to catch and maintain the attention and curiosity of the Jericho Network platform.


The Global Change Makers issue featured Norman Pattiz on the May 2016 Forbes page for his money making skills in the media industry. Norman established Courtside Entertainment Group to create and distribute quality programs. After realizing that more people need on demand audios, he launched PodcastOne in 2012 and led to become a leading production professional and distributor of podcast shows quickly. In 2000, Pattiz received an appointment by President Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. In 2002, President Bush reappointed him to serve in the same post. Apart from his broadcasting career, Norman serves on the Council of Foreign Relations, the Pacific Council of International Relations and is a chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

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